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With organizations relying more and more on cyber security to protect an unprecedented amount of big data, including sensitive information, cyber-attacks are getting more sophisticated.

To deal with the volatile and unforeseen nature of new cyberattacks, different intricate cybersecurity methodologies and strategies are devised regularly to prevent the exploitation of new tactics, techniques, and procedures by threat actors. This calls for regular advisory and consulting on which kinds of practices are needed for an organisation, on an ongoing or ad hoc basis.

Not every organization has a security expert who they could consult. This is where we come into the picture.

SSS Expert offers cyber security advisory and consulting services to assist clients on what matters most to them. This encompasses advisory on network security, endpoint security, data security, identity management, risk management, audit compliance, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning, among others.

With SSS Expert on call, you can be assured that you will receive the best professional advice that is specific to your business and custom for you in terms of cyber security risk management levels and cyber security systems that are the most suitable, effective and reliable for your business at any point in your business life span.

Cyber security consulting services should be a part of your regular busines operations as you navigate the business world, as your grow, change and expand. Cyber security advisory may be engaged on a retainer, or on a ad hoc basis, depending on your business size and needs. However, we do advise clients to have a regular cyber security assessment test, scheduled consults with a cyber security expert or consultant a few times a year, in order to ensure that you have the optima cyber security solution at each step of the way, to protect your business fully.

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